Special Item

We take any order that fits your needs!

Special Item
We are open to any special orders and are highly flexible to our customers’ needs to be responded to in a short period of time.

Materials available: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass etc.

Examples of our special-ordered items and prototypes

  • Inside Caliper R10

    Inside Caliper R10

  • Limit Gage

    Limit Gage

  • Inside Caliper 20

    Inside Caliper 20

  • Wheel Gage

    Wheel Gage

  • Pocket Caliper

    Pocket Caliper

Product Category

  • Measuring Tools
  • Jig
  • Auxiliary Measuring Tools
  • Egde Finders
  • Vises & Clamps
  • Search from Purpose
  • Special Item
  • CATALOG DownLoad
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